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Pathways to Leadership and Growth

LogoAre you called to Christian leadership? Do you hunger for a deeper understanding of your faith? Just as the Body of Christ has many members, so does the the Christian walk take many forms. What is your gift?  What is your passion?  SWBC has something just for you!

Degree Program, Biblical Studies, Bible College

Degree Programs

Degree programs in Biblical Studies or Ministry Studies, are fundamental building blocks toward a career in ministry.  Southwest Bible College offers a variety of tracks to prepare students for ministry or as preparation for transfer to seminary.

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Certificate Program, Biblical Studies, Bible College

Lay Ministry

Certificate coursework is an ideal tool for lay ministers, or those aspiring to deepen their service to the Church.  These one-year courses have been created with the time and financial circumstances of the working professional in mind.

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Extension Courses

The Word of God is the base of understanding the Christian faith.  Southwest Bible College seeks to serve the community of faith by providing insightful and accessible instruction for parishioners who seek a deeper knowledge of scripture.

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