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SWBC - a Unique Place to Learn and Grow

Building a Legacy for Education and Ministry

Founded in 2000, SWBC purchased property at 13890 Nason St. in 2007.

The existing structure on the property has been converted into a library which now houses over 10,000 volumes.  This exciting resource has been made available to all clergy and students in the area for research.

Current Classroom Facilities

SWBC is blessed with a close relationship with Moreno Christian Assembly (MCA).  During the development of the SWBC property all local classes take place in a dedicated space which is rented from MCA.  The church is pastored by Rev. David Carlson, who is the son of Rev. Richard Carlson, president of the College.

The Church and the College are separate entities, operating completely independently from each other.

Building Project

While plans to proceed are delayed by a city works project on Nason Street, we look forward to proceeding with the next phase toward our vision toward state of the art facilities as “A Center for Biblical Studies and Ministry Development” based in the Inland Empire.

Are you interested in supporting this project? Contact College President Richard Carlson at swbcpresident@gmail.com to learn more about becoming a sponsor.


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