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April 25, 1923 - April 30, 2016

April 25, 1923 – April 30, 2016

Brother Paul Klahr was born on April 25, 1923 and went home to be with the Lord on April 30, 2016, five days after his 93rd birthday.

Brother Klahr found Christ while serving in the US Navy during WWII.  Before he even knew the Lord, the Lord called him to be a minister.  That began a quest for the Lord which resulted in his conversion.  After surviving 12 major combats and a suicide mission, he returned to the States, married his wife Jean, and began studying for the ministry.  While pastoring churches, he completed a BA, MA, and PhD degree.

Beginning in 1958, He served the Assemblies of God as a missionary in Japan for 16 years.  While struggling to establish a church, a typhoon struck their city blowing the roof off their house.  God protected their family, and in the morning a neighbor came by and said, “I know who protected you last night.”  He then led Brother Klahr to see where their roof had landed nearby.  On the top of ruble was the shape of a perfect cross.  The neighbor then said, “The God of that cross protected you last night, and I want to know him and I want my family to know Him.  His was first of many families that would join the new church.

From Japan, God led Brother Klahr and his family to the Philippines where he founded Asian Christian Charismatic Fellowship.   Out of this movement over 60 churches were established with thousands coming to Christ.  After 13 years in the Philippines, the Klahr family returned to the USA, where Brother Klahr again pastored churches.

In 2000, Brother Klahr became a beloved instructor at Southwest Bible College.  Just before connecting with the College, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told he had a short time to live.  Following the diagnosis and during a time of personal prayer, Brother Klahr sensed the Spirit of the Lord giving him an unusual peace about the situation.  At his next doctor appointment, every trace of the cancer was gone.  God yet had work for Brother Klahr at SWBC!  His students will remember that he set his watch to beep every hour – every time it would beep he would gratefully praise the Lord for His healing.

We will cherish the good memories we have of Brother Klahr’s teaching.  His insights into the Word grew out of a lifetime of study and ministry experience.  Our students were so blessed to sit under his rich instruction of God’s Word.  His recounting of ministry experiences made his teaching so applicable and practical.  We are so grateful that the Lord gave us the privilege of having Dr. Klahr in the classroom.  So many lives were touched!  In addition to teaching classes at Southwest Bible College, he also taught many evening extension classes for SWBC at Family Praise Fellowship, and he also taught Wednesday night classes for Moreno Christian Assembly.  Only heaven will reveal how many were blessed and changed through his teaching ministry.